Specialised Energy Consultants

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As an established provider of recruitment services specialised in the Oil & Gas industry, we can offer you a wide variety of opportunities across this industry.

We are committed to you as a job seeker and will do our best to find you a job that suits your skill and experience in a company where the culture and work environment suit your personality.


Why use Specialised Energy Consultants Pty Ltd

  • Get a better understanding of the market – Specialised Consultants spend their day talking to clients and candidates so they understand what the market is like.
  • Expertise – Specialised Consultants are specialised in specific disciplines, their only jobs is to recruit.
  • Access to more companies with an extensive network – Specialised Consultants know the industry and all the potential clients. They do not only do business with their clients, they build a trustful relationship with them and they might make you change your view on a company you have negatively heard off and will tell you which companies would be a perfect fit for you.
  • Relationships with companies – Due to their close relationship with their clients, Specialised Consultants might be able to find you a role that has not been advertised yet as they will hear of the available positions because everyone else does. Indeed, not every role is advertised.
  • Marketing – Specialised Consultants can often create a role that does not exist yet by selling your great capabilities to a company you would be asset to and a perfect fit.
  • Give you tips – Specialised Consultants have a strong experience in the recruitment industry and will be able to give you tips on how to write a resume, on how to be behave during an interview and give you advises on various way to sources jobs.

Equal Employment Opportunities

The Equal Opportunities Act 1984 has been created to eliminate discrimination on the grounds of sex, marital status, pregnancy or breast feeding, family responsibility or family status, race, religious or political conviction, impairment, age or gender history and to eliminate sexual and racial harassment in the workplace.

Specialised Energy Consultant will always recruit candidates based on their skills, experience and abilities to fit best in the company’s culture.